“We were fortunate to meet Roxane Peyser while working with another firm. She immediately went above and beyond asking questions and suggesting considerations that would further secure our future. After getting to know Roxane, her most defining traits are her commitment to ethics and compliance and her ability to speak to any issue backed by years of unrivaled experience. We ultimately left our previous firm for AGLA-Ltd and believe our future is in great hands as long as Roxane is by our side. I can’t recommend this firm enough.”

N.R., CEO | Tech Company | Wilmington, Delaware

“Roxane Peyser’s legal and business depth and breadth has provided unparalleled value to our company. After working with lawyers and law firms with similar experience in corporate and business law, risk management, compliance and data privacy & protection, we thought we had to settle for lawyers who were good, but never seemed committed to our success. We were looking for more and found it with Roxane Peyser. Roxane has helped guide our company through all phases of growth from a $3M company when she was first engaged to the $43M we became. We avoided so many pitfalls that previous lawyers did not anticipate and her experience and great skill in working with regulators saved us tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Because of her tremendous knowledge, skills, experience and expertise, she shepherded us through a very successful acquisition. (Sometime later, we learned the company that bought us was so impressed with her skillful negotiation, they hired her!) If you want a skilled lawyer with great business acumen and a wonderful bedside manner, Roxane Peyser and AGLA-Ltd are for you.”

T.W., CEO | Manufacturing Company | Saginaw, Michigan

“My experience with Roxane Peyser over the years has been outstanding. Roxane is always calm, patient, thorough, professional and has helped our business navigate through complex issues relating to contracts, regulatory compliance, and ongoing business conflicts. She has offered excellent M&A guidance from the start of our transaction through a successful exit, via merger, for our business. She has a unique skill set in that she understands how to assess potential and actual legal matters through a lens of both what’s most important for the business from a cost/benefit financial standpoint as well as through diligent risk/benefit analysis. Bottom Line: She has helped us maximize earnings while protecting the business from threats that could derail our path to success. I highly recommend her firm!”

J.P.S., President, Logistics Company | Denver Services Corporation

“A good lawyer will know the fundamentals of legal practice and procedure and Roxane is one of the very best.  But we find her real value comes in years of experience; knowing where and when to assert a position that provides important protections or advantages in a negotiation–and explaining WHY it is necessary to do so.  Roxane Peyser s more than just a good lawyer, she is also a Counselor, because having that big-picture and forward-looking perspective is valuable to building a great team.”

M.C., President | Records Management & Retention Company