Learn About the Benefits of Engaging Fractional General Counsel

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the need for ongoing legal advice but lack the budget to engage full-time in-house counsel. For these companies, fractional general counsel (FGC) services can be a highly-effective solution. A fractional general counsel is outside counsel who serves as a company’s in-house counsel on an as-needed or part-time basis to help a company navigate a wide range of legal issues. These services often include contract preparation and negotiation, compliance questions, drafting policies and procedures to satisfy compliance obligations, and a wide array of other legal services that support your business. The benefits of engaging an FGC include having a lawyer on-call who can answer your immediate questions, identify areas of risk, create reliable documents and forms that minimize risk and maximize profit, run interference with vendors and other stakeholders when needed, ensure the company has an exit plan (even if there’s only a single owner), prepare securities when needed (and often, a loan can be an overlooked security) and numerous other services — all while locked into a fixed fee that’s predictable. In other words, an FGC offers a wide range of busless legal services while helping you avoid the unpredictability of unlimited (and unknown) legal fees. We offer our fractional general counsel services at flat monthly rates. This provides much-needed financial predictability while also ensuring that our clients have access to the highest quality legal advice they need — when they need it. We work with our fractional general counsel clients up front to develop custom-tailored packages that meet their needs and fit within their budgets, and we offer the flexibility to adjust our service levels and fees as needed.

Our Fractional General Counsel Services

Within our fractional general counsel program, we offer our full suite of advisory and transactional services. When we serve as a company’s fractional general counsel, we are available to assist with matters including (but not  limited to):

  • Business & Corporate (U.S. & International) We provide business & corporate services including entity selection and formation, corporate governance management, business structuring and restructuring, and contract drafting and negotiation.
  • Risk Management, Compliance & Legal Auditing Our compliance, risk management & legal auditing services are designed to ensure that our clients have a clear and comprehensive understanding of their risks—and that they know what they need to do to manage these risks effectively.
  • Data Privacy & Protection We provide comprehensive data privacy & protection services, including development of policies and procedures, negotiation with SaaS companies and other vendors, data protection auditing and stress testing, incident response, and general data protection management.
  • Employment Matters We are available to assist our fractional general counsel clients with employment-related matters. This includes implementing policies and procedures, negotiating contracts, responding to employee complaints and dealing with other employment-related issues.
  • Compliance & ESG Reporting For companies that follow environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, we provide comprehensive ESG reporting and compliance services.
  • General Regulatory Compliance – Companies in all types of industries can have a wide range of regulatory compliance obligations. We assist our fractional general counsel clients with identifying, interpreting and meeting these obligations on an ongoing basis.
  • Securities Law Compliance We assist our fractional general counsel clients with securities law compliance as well. Private and public companies alike have compliance obligations, and private companies must be very careful when seeking outside investment.

As companies grow, their legal needs tend to change. With our fractional general counsel services, our clients are not bound to any specific subset of our legal services. We provide advice and representation based on our clients’ needs; and, as these needs change, we are there to provide guidance and produce top-notch deliverables that add value to the bottom line. By working with our fractional general counsel clients on a regular basis, we get to know their businesses extremely well, and this allows us to proactively identify potential risks and provide regular advice and recommendations in a wide range of circumstances that puts your company ahead.

Inquire About Our Fractional General Counsel Services

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