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Whether it’s called Risk Management and Compliance or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), the frameworks are essentially the same and must make sense to a company’s bottom line. Financing has opened up new opportunities for companies to prioritize certain goals. However, managing a contemporary compliance-focused enterprise is not without challenges—and risks—and business leaders need to ensure that they are doing what is necessary to satisfy their investors and comply with the law.

Our Risk Management and Compliance services assist companies with all aspects of effective risk management and compliance. Additionally, AGLA-LTD, helps companies leverage ESG-related opportunities that are the natural results of an effective compliance program while meeting their obligations to investors and regulators. We have extensive experience in this area — from working with Fortune 500 Companies to numerous SMEs — and we rely on this experience to provide our clients with critical insights that they can use to keep operating their businesses to do good and to do well.

Our Compliance Services Can Be Paired with ESG Reporting

Similar to our other corporate and risk management services, we provide a comprehensive suite of ESG reporting and compliance services that we custom-tailor to each client’s specific needs. This customized approach not only ensures that our clients meet all contractual, statutory, and regulatory requirements but also that we can serve our clients as cost-effectively as possible.

Our ESG reporting and compliance services include:

Strategic Corporate Risk Assessments

When following ESG principles, companies aim to ensure they are doing what is necessary to manage their risk vis-à-vis investors and regulators. We conduct strategic corporate risk assessments for our ESG clients—both initially and on an ongoing basis—so they know how to minimize liability exposure while maximizing brand and shareholder value.

Board Advisory Services

When business takes ESG principles into account in their decision making, corporate boards must clearly understand the governing legal principles and the applicable legal risks. We advise boards so that they can make confident and informed decisions.

Corporate Governance and Fiduciary Duty Compliance

We also help companies manage corporate governance and fiduciary duty compliance. These are areas where corporate executives and board members often – and unknowingly – get into trouble. Our risk management and compliance lawyers can explain everything you need to know, and with our fractional general counsel services, we can be available to answer all of your questions on an as-needed basis.

GHG Accounting & Carbon Neutrality Guidance

Among other areas of reporting and compliance, we assist many of our ESG clients with greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and carbon neutrality compliance. If your company is devoted to reducing (or eliminating) its carbon footprint, we can help you work toward this goal without getting hamstrung by unnecessary legal challenges.

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